Malin Redvall

  • Norge


  • +47 – 971 99 455

  • medlem: 4393

Penguin,  56×38 cm

Nubble light house, 58×76 cm

Still morning, 105×76 cm

I began painting watercolour and sketching early in life as a way of understanding the world. Ten years old I went with my mother, who was an architect student, on a field trip to Italy. Her professor said sternly to the students: – Shooting what you see with the camera, is not enough. In order to understand your surroundings, it’s forms and it’s volume, you have to sketch it. In that way you will pause, dwell on the forms, and after a while you will see and understand. Then you will remember. What you see in that way will be a part of you for the rest of your life. This sank deep into my ten year old soul. After that trip I have always had a sketchbook in my pocket.

Malin Redvall